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Phase 2 - 3 Additional Schools Selected - DONATIONS NEEDED!

 During our Phase 1 - Esher Primary School installation trip, we toured 3 additional schools for potential donations.  We selected 2 rural and 1 urban school during our scouting on June 6, 2008.  Our target for installation is October 26th through November 1st 2008. 

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As of this writing we have approximately 5% of the equipment required, and 0% of the funding.

Selection Rationale

Initially, we were going to survey a wide range of schools, both remote, rural, and urban.  Additionally, we had anticipated the inclusion of some high schools - specifically, Green Island High, and Lucea High.

During our Phase 1 visit, we met with some of the management at Couples Negril (www.couples.com), and thanks to the input of Opal, Alex and Maurine, we refined some of our selection criteria.  The management that we met at Couples was great - very supportive of our project, and had lots of good input for us.  

They put us on to Kendal Primary School, as a strong recommendation for a school that needed some technology help.

After seeing a few schools, we will be primarily including Rural (not remote) primary schools for both Phase 2, and subsequent Phases, until we exhaust the pool of available schools in Westmoreland and Hanover Parishes.  We will then move to Rural (not remote) 'All Ages' schools in these parishes.

With the exception of a single High School for Phase 2, we will not be selecting any more High Schools for donations.  The rationale for this is that the High Schools in Jamaica have a much wider fundraising base and greater resources than the Rural Primary Schools (who essentially have nothing).

During the Phase 2 installations, we will visit at least one "Remote" Primary School, and depending on what we find, may include "Remote" schools as a portion of our subsequent phases.

Phase 2 Schools we have selected for Fall 2008 Installations

Kendal Primary School

Main School Sign.
Main School Building.
Library where computers will be installed.
Principal and some of the students.
Shaking hands with Ms. Baugh (Principal).

Kendal Primary School is Rural.  Quite a bit off the beaten trail, but not "Remote".  It feels alot smaller than Esher Primary, but it's about half the size for enrolment, 316 students.  It is exactly the type of school we're looking for on selection criteria.  They have never had more than 2 computers at this school for the students to use.  Unlike Middlesex Primary (see below), there is no existing or former computer 'lab'.

Ms. Baugh was 'sort of' expecting us to drop by, as she had been contacted by Couples prior to our visit.  She was very accommodating, and happy to hear about the project.

We are planning for 20 computers for Kendal Primary.

Funny story that happened with regards to Kendal while we were on the Phase 1 installation trip.  When we visited Kendal, Ms. Baugh introduced us to her son, who provides some support for the 2 computers that they have.  She mentioned that he helped out around the school, and that he also worked during the day for Jamaican customs.  On our way out of the country, he was the one that stamped us out on exit - it was completely random, as there were 25 counters that we could have been signed out at.  He immediately recognized us, and his supervisor didn't seem to like how friendly he was getting with us at the time!

   WMV Video - Students in Library where computers will be installed
   WMV Video - Short clip of Ms. Baugh and students
   WMV Video - Leaving Kendal and short video of school building

Middlesex Primary School

School from driveway.
Some girls out front of the main building.
Hurricane destroyed computer lab.
Classroom at Middlesex Primary.
Ms. Dixon (Principal)

Middlesex Primary School is also Rural.  Located about 10 minutes south of Esher, it is closer to Lucea.  Middlesex has approximately 392 students enrolled.

Ms. Dixon is the Principal of the school, and was very happy to see us, and happy to show us around.  Unlike Kendal Primary, they had no advance idea that we were stopping by.  After meeting Ms. Dixon for a few minutes, and explaining what we were trying to accomplish, she threw her hands up, looked up to the sky and said "My prayers have been answered!!".

There was a computer lab in the school that had been installed several years ago.  It got washed out and destroyed by a hurricane - although we're not sure if it was hurricane Dean from 2007.  The equipment in the room is all not functional, and needs disposal.  Ms. Dixon informed us that they were going to clear out the room of all old equipment, and seal up the 'holes' where hurricane damage came in so that it won't happen again.

Again, Middlesex is very much like Kendal, and exactly the type of school that we're going to be targeting in upcoming phases.  Unlike the other schools, there didn't appear to be a main 'Sign' for the school, so all we have is a main shot of the school from the road.

We are planning 20 computers for Middlesex Primary.

   WMV Video - Arriving at Middlesex
   WMV Video - Short clip of Ms. Dixon
   WMV Video - Video of part of school yard and office


Montego Bay High School (Students)

Main School Sign.
Existing computers.
Main assembly hall.
Building with computer lab.
Ms. Clemmings (Prinicpal).

Montego Bay High School is located in the city of Montego Bay. Enrollment is approximately 855 students. Ms. Clemmings is the Principal of the school, and was expecting us, as Neville's daughter attends this school, and we had an appointment.

Montego Bay High does have an existing computer lab of approximately 30 computers. The majority of the equipment is very old, and not in great shape - needing replacement. Some of the equipment is not functional at all.

There is an onsite computer lab instructor, so the labour requirements for Montego Bay will be much less. The software loaded on computers that are sent to this school will be different and more basic than the Primary School images that we create, as there is the instructor onsite to install software and maintain the computers.

We are planning 20 computers for Montego Bay High

   WMV Video - Arriving at Montego Bay High
   WMV Video - Montego Bay Assembly area and grounds


We are accepting donations for:

Desktop Computers (LCD flat panel monitors only)
Notebook/Laptop Computers

While we would like to accept all donations, the receipt of computers 'without monitors' may have to be restricted.  The purchase of new Monitors to accompany used CPU's is just not in our budget as of right now. 

If you have computers or funding that you wish to donate, please email us at:


We have not yet setup a separate registered charity to manage our project.  This means that again, we can issue you a 'receipt' for goods and funds donated, but it will not be a "Tax deductible" receipt.  If Phase 2 looks like it will be successful by late August/early September, we will begin the process of creating a charity to manage the project in the future (for Phase 3 and beyond - Spring 2009).

Thanks for your interest - and let's hope Phase 2 is as big a success as Phase 1!