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DavidThe Goal for "Year 1"

We are hoping to assemble 80 more machines for 4 more schools over the next calendar year. As installation labour and airline costs are a large portion of the project costs, we will most likely do the remaining 4 schools in 2 trips of 40 machines each, which should get the average "per machine" costs down.

The future 4 schools have not been selected yet. We will select them during the Esher installation trip, and they will all be from either the Hanover or Westmoreland parishes (the equivalent of Canadian provinces) on the west side of the island.

Our remaining 2 trips for our anticipated 80 future machines will most likely be in October 2008, and February 2009, but this timing could be modified for a variety of reasons (either earlier or later).

Long Term Goals

Our long term goal is to assess the positive and negative portions of the project after 2 important milestones:

    1. The first school implementation. Learning what we've gotten right, and what we need to do better.
    2. The end of the first year and 100 computers.

There are several longer term factors that have not been considered in the initial project. Specifically, the long term maintenance of the computers that are installed, as well as a replacement schedule. Our initial planning is that we will commit to some rotation of scheduled maintenance of the computers, at least yearly. This will involve replacement of some parts or entire computers that have broken, but we will not have any average attrition rates for planning until we get to the end of the first year.

We understand that to be effective, that we cannot simply drop off the machines at each school and never maintain them in the future.

Simply stated, our future long term goal would be to continue at at least the first year donation level or greater in future years. If successful, and if there is enough interest in the project, we may setup a separate registered Canadian charity as a separate arm from Versalt Inc. to manage the project in the future.