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The project does require equipment and financial support. For Esher, all equipment was donated, and all financial support will be most likely from Versalt Inc. After Esher, we will have a better idea what 'type' of computers are best suited to the environment (desktop or laptop machines). From a cargo and shipping perspective, laptop or notebook computers are approximately 1/5th the cost. We will also have a better idea about final total project costs (including incidental costs) on the financial side after Esher.

Generally speaking donations will be accepted for:

    • Laptop Computers (at this point, preferred, but we will re-assess)
    • Desktop Computers (LCD monitors of 'any' size only - for reduction of shipping costs)
    • Financial Contributions

At this point, for the Phase 2 trip anticipated in October 2008, the trip will require 60 computers and about $13,000 dollars. As of the time of this writing, we have 0% of the Phase 2 project requirements.

If you are interested in donating either equipment or finances to the project, please send an email to:


We are currently accepting donations for Phase 2. Please understand that while donations are appreciated, we are not a registered Canadian charity. We can issue you a 'receipt' for donations, but it will not be tax deductible.

Donators to Project so far

    • Brenda Evans - Procurer of used computers!! Phase 1 wouldn't have happened so fast without her help - thank you Brenda.
    • Longview Systems - donation of 10 notebook computers.
    • Bob Clifford - donation of 4 desktop CPU's and 4 LCD Monitors.
    • Alberta Real Estate Foundation - donation of 1 desktop CPU.
    • Evans Family - donation of 1 notebook machine.
    • Stefan Myroniuk (Versalt Consultant) - donation of 1 LCD Monitor.
    • Couples Swept Away - accommodations for 3 nights for our technician's stay during installation. www.couples.com - visit the website, and then book a vacation with them, and enjoy your stay!!

Thank you very much for all the donations received so far!!