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Welcome to FutureVibe - a Versalt Inc. Project!

The owners of Versalt Inc. like to vacation in Jamaica (as do many people).  Our first trip to Jamaica was a pretty typical tourist vacation at an all-inclusive resort. Immediately after returning, we started to plan for our second trip, and made reservations. During the Hurricane Dean news coverage and build-up in August 2007, we were anxiously tracking the hurricane's status, hoping for minimal damage to the country and people there. When the hurricane passed with less than forecasted damage, we were relieved, but began thinking of some charitable/humanitarian project that we could get involved in.

There are many worthy causes to get involved in with respect to charities in Jamaica, and they cover a wide range of needs. We ran across an old news report of a project called "Teens for Technology" which has donated computers to schools in Jamaica on a cost-sharing arrangement over the years. Versalt being a technology and computer related company, we decided that a project that involved computer donations made sense to us. Our project would differ from what we discovered by being a completely donation-based model, not a cost-sharing arrangement with each school.

The First School

school kidsDuring our second trip to Jamaica, we were a little more adventurous, as during our first trip, we only left the resort a single time! We got to know our shuttle driver Neville during the trip, and took several excursions with him. We began talking to Neville, explaining our project and what we wanted to do.

Neville mentioned that a good school might be his daughter's old primary school in Lucea. Lucea is about 1 hour south of the Montego Bay airport, and approximately 1/2 hour north of Negril, where we were staying. We decided that it sounded like a good site, and so Neville took us to the school, and introduced us to the principal there. We arrived somewhat un-announced, so it was nice that the school made the time to show us around the facilities during a school day.

Esher Primary School - Our First Project School Selected

esher schoolAfter taking a tour of the school, we decided that the Esher Primary School would be our first project site. We didn't know at the time that the resort that we were staying at, Couples Swept Away also supports the school with some supplies and maintenance labour, which was a nice surprise. Couples has since donated a room for our Technician to stay at (for no cost) during the installation - a welcome donation!!

During our tour of the facilities, we asked the principal how many computers they could use as a donation, and she mentioned 10-20 machines would be useful. The Principal's name at the Esher Primary School is Mrs. Lesbia Phillips.

The First Project - Complete!

15 computers were donated to Phase 1 of the project. We installed the computers on June 5th to June 10th 2008.