Versalt is pleased to offer you a leading edge solution for your IT requirements.  Our Complete IT as a service, CompleteCloud, is a simple, monthly single fee solution for all of your IT needs!

CompleteCloud provides everything you need;  Virtual Servers, Virtual Workstations, all Microsoft software, and flat rate IT support when you need it.  CompleteCloud is a complete solution, with a predictable and easily budgetable monthly amount.

Virtual and Hosted  -  We use enterprise class virtualization software (VMWare) to host your  virtual  server and workstations at our secure datacenter.  Always scaled for maximum performance, your infrastructure is instantly and seamlessly accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

Microsoft Software  -  CompleteCloud starts with a primary hosted Microsoft Server 2012 machine, including Microsoft Exchange server for collaboration and mobile device support.  A second 2012 server is included for the virtual Terminal Server hosted workstation, and includes Microsoft Office 2013.  Other software you have licensed, such as QuickBooks or Simply Accounting is hosted by the Terminal Server as well.

Flat Rate IT Support Included  -  Whether you need 1 hour or 10 hours or more of IT support per month, it is included as part of your CompleteCloud package.  Versalt provides great on-site and offsite/remote support. 

Triple Backup  -  We use Veeam Backup and Replication, an industry leader in virtual backup solutions, to protect your CompleteCloud systems.  Backups are taken to disk daily, and two live ‘ready to run’ replications are performed daily.  Replications are run to locations both onsite and offsite.  Your data is completely protected, and instantly available if needed.

Unlimited  -  CompleteCloud includes unlimited disk space and traffic.  No surprise bills for using over ‘allocated’ limits.

Workstation Insurance and Replacement  -  Existing workstations on your network will be converted to Remote Desktop only machines as part of your CompleteCloud transition.  Over time, as workstations breakdown, they will be either fixed, or replaced with Thin Client workstations  -  included in your monthly fees.

Security  -  CompleteCloud offers several security levels and enhancements versus a current/planned on-premise solution.  Your servers and workstations will be housed in a secure datacenter, instead of being located in common areas or boardrooms.  Enterprise class firewall services, using Sonicwall routers are used to secure your architecture, again, with enterprise class intrusion prevention and monitoring.

Operating Cost Only  -  There is no balance sheet or credit impact for users of our CompleteCloud service.  No capital outlay, no leasing, and no credit impact are part of the package.  Simply a single monthly fee for all of your requirements.

Accessibility  -  CompleteCloud is accessable!  Wherever you have Microsoft Remote Desktop, you can access your IT.  Whether it’s from your office, an iPad, a remote machine at your residence, or an internet café while travelling, your systems are always available and running.

Green!  -  The estimated electricity savings from not having a local on-premise server are approximately $1,000 per year.  Savings will increase over time as workstations are replaced with thin clients.  It’s not only ‘green’, but putting money back into the operating budget from the savings.

Privacy Legislation -  Versalt’s datacenter is located in Calgary.  Being within Alberta and Canadian borders, violating privacy legislation such as PIPA and PIPEDA is not a concern!

Fast Setup  -  Complete conversion to CompleteCloud from your existing environment can be done within a week!