Versalt Inc. is an IT consulting company that is dedicated to providing professional on-site technical support and solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in the Calgary and surrounding areas.

Founded in 1994, we have maintained a boutique flavour of service through our growth.  Although 16 people strong, our personalized approach feels much more comfortable and appropriate than many larger consulting groups 'cookie cutter' styles.  We are available when you need us, with live people and Onsite friendly services.  Our clients appreciate our 'right sized' approach to service, technology and hosting services.  Services and technology that are appropriate to your unique requirements.  Not just what will 'sell'.

Our definition of success is our clients not having to worry about their information technology.

Versalt About Us

We are a group of solution-orientated Consultants who thrive on challenging fast paced environments, where performance directly impacts the bottom line. Our consultants have the up-to date technical skills that are necessary to assist you with all of your support requirements. These skills give you reliable, quick service and ensure your systems will be up and running when you need them, and with the least disruption to you, your employees and your customers. Our services are priced at a fraction of the costs associated with a full-time employee.

We can handle your IT consulting, service, equipment and hosting needs.  Whether your company is 1 person or 100, our services and products scale to any sized need.  Onsite primarily, but offering remote and offsite service where necessary, we move faster than most consulting groups.  Same day service is not a problem for emergencies - and for regular service, next day is not a problem - unlike some of our competition, who book on 4-7 day windows.

Our services make sense and provide excellent value to all our clients.



Do you need a flexible, knowledgeable business partner to keep your computer and information systems running smoothly?

Our goal is to be that partner, providing you with quick, reliable and effective services and support.

    • Onsite technical support for your Business or Residence
    • Experienced, Professional Consultants
    • The Highest Quality, Best Valued Services
    • Flexible Scheduling including Evening, Weekends and Holidays*
    • Remote Management*
    • Remote Monitoring*

*Extra charges apply to these marked items